Chinese Vaccines Linked To Devastating Reactions, Leaked Data Shows

( According to leaked internal documents obtained by The Epoch Times, those who have received Chinese-made vaccines have reportedly received a range of serious adverse reactions, ranging from diarrhea and nausea to fevers.

The documents, which The Epoch Times says were obtained by a trusted source, also describe how one Chinese man quickly tested positive for COVID-19 only shortly after taking the vaccine – indicating that, not only do they potentially cause serious side effects but that they just don’t work.

In a document titled, “Statistical Table of Adverse Reactions of COVID-19 Vaccines,” which was issued by the Laishui County’s Baoding City community health center, located in the Hebei Province in northern China, stories of local people experiencing horrible side effects are explained. Some also experienced a shortness of breath and chest tightness, rashes, and much more.

While many Americans also experience similar symptoms after taking Western-made vaccines, those symptoms typically don’t last long – and the documents reveal that the symptoms being experienced in China are quite serious.

The Epoch Times added that another document, which was issued by the Baoding Municipal Leadership Team for Response to the Epidemic (even China has long names for its bureaucracy!), revealed a case of a local resident who was quarantined for a total of 47 days even after being fully vaccinated.

If China is confident in the effectiveness of its vaccines…then why would they quarantine people for so long?

It suggests that Sui, a Lianchi district resident in Baoding City, was given two doses of a Chinese-developed vaccine in December of last year. He then traveled to Germany the following month but was placed into quarantine upon his return. The quarantine was particular as he went through COVID tests a total of five times during his time in quarantine.

His CT, blood serum, blood routine, and more were all tested, and his IgM antibody in the blood test came back positive every time – indicating a recent infection.

The full Epoch Times report explains how documents reveal that the vaccine could have had something to do with his odd test results – and indicates that the quality of the Chinese-made vaccine just isn’t there.

Another internal document obtained by the outlet, titled “Notice on Further Strengthening the Safety Management of COVID-19 Vaccination,” was labeled an “extra urgent and non-disclosure to the public.”

So not only are the Chinese vaccines causing problems…they don’t want the people to know about it.