Chinese Troops To Build Base In Tajikistan

( China will reportedly begin construction of a new outpost for Takijistan Police’s special forces unit near the Afghanistan-Tajikistan, according to an announcement from the Tajikistan parliament on Thursday.

The new special forces post will be built in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Province situated in the Pamir mountains, which is close to the Chinese Xinjiang province where Uyghur Muslims are being routinely raped, tortured, and enslaved in concentration camps.

A parliament spokesperson said that no Chinese troops will be stationed at the facility, raising the question…why build it, then?

The decision to build the new outpost comes as tension between Afghanistan’s new government and the Dushanbe government rises.

Tajikistan President Emomali Rakhmon doesn’t recognize the new Taliban government in Afghanistan and has called for a better and more broad representation of the many ethnic groups living in Afghanistan. His refusal to accept the radical Islamic government in Afghanistan makes sense when you consider the fact that Tajiks are the second-largest ethnic group in Afghanistan.

It prompted Kabul to warn Dushanbe against getting involved in their domestic affairs. The Taliban has even reportedly forged a new alliance with an ethnic Tajik militant group that is based in Afghanistan which is attempting to overthrow the Rakhmon government in Tajikistan.

So, China appears to be taking the side of Tajikistan…

But China rarely makes decisions that don’t have direct implications with its own political affairs. So what’s in it for them>