Chinese Infrastructure Collapses As Rations Become Required

( Reports suggest that China may be suffering a manufacturing crisis, with the nation’s huge number of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies being hit by a national power crisis.

According to the South China Morning Posts, the “army” of small and medium-sized operations are experiencing massive productivity problems as a result of the nationwide power crisis, meaning products due to be manufactured for global clients are being severely delayed. The paper says that the tough working conditions are taking their toll on the workers, and that panic buying raw materials is becoming commonplace across the country.

It comes as prices are expected to soar as the world deals with major supply chain problems.

It’s kind of odd that a state-run newspaper is admitting so many problems, isn’t it? Usually, these newspapers bang China’s drum no matter what.

It comes as manufacturing workers in many parts of the country are only working one day per week, and some 20 of 31 provinces are implementing electricity rationing as a result.

The report uses candle factories as an example of the nation’s problems, adding that the manufacturing operations are rushing to meet orders as demand increases over concerns that people simply won’t be able to light their homes. However, as most factories are being forced to slow down their production, demand simply isn’t being met.

Footwear manufacturer Wang Jie of the Guangdong province told the outlet that their output has dropped by roughly one-third, with workers only able to work between midnight and 8am.

Workers are reportedly falling asleep on their job and productivity is massively down. Some factories, according to the manufacturer, are even being banned from manufacturing any good for six days per week.

This could spell trouble for the entire world…and proves the point that relying on China to manufacture virtually everything is not a great idea.