Chinese Firm Trump Banned Hires Top Democrat Tony Podesta

( Huawei, the Chinese tech company that produces cheap smartphones that are sold all over the world and 5G infrastructure technology, has reportedly hired Democrat lobbyist Tony Podesta as a “consultant” for the brand. It comes after President Donald Trump banned the company from contributing to the United States 5G infrastructure rollout, and as President Joe Biden rolls back Trump-era policies designed to protect the United States from the communist regime.

The news that Podesta will work with Huawei to warm relations between the company and the Biden administration came from Politico, which also said that he will work to “advance a variety of the company’s goals in Washington.”

If Huawei needs a way into the Democrat establishment and the White House, Tony Podesta is absolutely the man they need.

But doesn’t this just strike you as a money-making opportunity for Podesta, with this longtime Democrat operative cashing in on his connection to Joe Biden and Democrats in Congress? It’s a lot like Hunter Biden’s business deals in China…

Huawei is looking to rebuild its links in the West after President Donald Trump made it impossible for the company to sell phones in the U.S. market with full compatibility with Google’s app store and operating system. President Trump blocked American companies from working or investing in Huawei, effectively ensuring that Chinese tech companies could not put Americans in danger.

It’s not the first time that Podesta has made money from China, either. The Democrat operative once worked with the China-United States Exchange Foundation, a propaganda organization designed to encourage politicians and political figures to write positive things about China after enjoying all-expenses-paid trips to the communist nation.

Joe Biden’s presidency is making a lot of people rich.