Chinese Cyberattack Hits United States

( Despite knowing that the West is fully aware of its covert operations, China isn’t giving up its constant cyberattacks. A newly discovered series of computer hacks affecting private American companies, the United States government, and critical infrastructure across the country has been linked back to the Chinese Communist Party – and President Joe Biden has had nothing to say about it.

On Wednesday, cybersecurity company Mandiant described how the hack utilized a system called “Pulse Secure,” which allows businesses to let their workers remotely connect to offer computers and servers. On Tuesday, Pulse Secure issued a statement describing how its users could check to see if they were affected by the terrifying hack, but said that a software update that will stop the Chinese agents from hacking their systems won’t be available until May.

It means that all businesses and government agencies using Pulse Secure to assist with remote working during lockdown won’t be secure for at least several more weeks.

The newly-discovered hacking campaign is the third of its kind against the United States discovered only in the last few months, putting American cybersecurity experts under serious strain. And, in all of those three campaigns, hackers used software used by professional organizations and governments to get into computer networks and then create backdoors that allowed them to spy on the users and access sensitive data for several months afterwards.

The United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency (CISA) warned on Tuesday that the campaign was actively “affecting U.S. government agencies, critical infrastructure entities, and other private sector organizations.”

Then, CISA mandated that every single civilian government agency in the country scan their computer systems to see if they were affected by this most recent hack, and then take action to solve it.

Matt Harman, the deputy executive assistant director of cybersecurity said that the agency has issued more mandates to government agencies in recent months, “which is certainly a concern and something we don’t take lightly.”

“We at CISA are very concerned,” he added.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden continues to play nice with China, sending his border czar John Kerry to Shanghai to discuss the so-called climate emergency.

When will the president address this terrifying new hack, and begin putting pressure on China to stop hacking American computer systems?

Or is he too busy trying to sound tough to Russia?