China’s Purchase Of Gas From Russia Doubled In February

( Reports last week revealed that China may be indirectly assisting Russia with its war in Ukraine, even after rejecting requests from Russian President Vladimir Putin to provide military assistance.

Just before sanctions were levied against Russia by the United States, including sanctions on the import of all oil and energy products from Russia, China reportedly increased its purchases of Russian liquefied natural gas – potentially helping Russia make up for future lost income.

According to a report by Energy Voice, China imported twice as much liquefied natural gas from Russia in February of this year compared to February of last year. The purchase could indicate that China knew that Russia was going to invade Ukraine in February before plans were confirmed and realized. The report describes how the purchases were surprising, given that there being an overall drop in LNG imports to China in recent years as the country attempts to diversify its energy supply.

“The world’s second-biggest buyer of the superchilled fuel bought almost 401,000 tons from Russia in February, according to official customs data released Sunday. The increase came as total Chinese LNG imports fell 12% from a year earlier, with Russia’s share rising to 8%,” the report explains.

While China has so far not provided military assistance to Russia, even as Russian troop deaths reach the tens of thousands, the communist nation has provided diplomatic support and may continue to make large energy purchases to offset the pending impact of Biden’s energy sanctions.

Assuming that the sanctions even come in to place to begin with, that is. The sanctions don’t kick in until June this year, and Russia has reportedly already decided to end the war in Ukraine on May 9.

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