China’s Military Just Sent A Message To Joe Biden

( During his recent visit to Japan, President Joe Biden stated that the United States would militarily defend Taiwan in the case of a Chinese invasion attempt. The United States has typically avoided extending formal security guarantees to Taiwan, with whom it no longer has a mutual defense treaty.

Reports show it was the second time since October that White House officials had to backtrack on the president’s remarks, which contradicted the long-standing policy of “strategic ambiguity” about the United States’ preparedness to defend the self-governing island.

The White House stated that the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979, which governs US relations with the self-governing island, does not require the US to respond with military force if China invades. Instead, the policy ensures Taiwan has the resources to defend itself.

The White House statement continued to say the policy has not changed. The President reaffirmed our ‘One China Policy’ and our commitment to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait. He also reaffirmed our commitment to give Taiwan the military capabilities to defend itself under the Taiwan Relations Act.

According to reports, Biden’s comments caught many in the Democrat party off guard, but it also annoyed the Chinese authorities. China believes that Taiwan is a renegade province that will be restored to mainland authority by force, if necessary. Chinese officials declared last week that they had conducted military maneuvers in the waters surrounding Taiwan.
News outlets report that Colonel Shi Yi of the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) Eastern Theater Command stated that the drills were activated as a solemn warning concerning the recent cooperation between the US and Taiwan. Colonel Shi noted that the United States says one thing and does another, repeatedly encouraging pro-Taiwan forces. He suggested it is hypocritical and useless, and it will only result in a dangerous scenario with catastrophic implications.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, military-related reports show the Biden Administration has increased its support for Taiwan. It remains to be seen if this will involve a move from strategic ambiguity to mutual defense.