China Responds To Military Action Reports Near Taiwan

( China has responded to global concern about its encroachment onto Taiwanese territory, claiming that the military drills taking place in the region are a “just” action being used to protect the peace.


Referring to a number of military drills that have taken place in Taiwanese air space, Chinese Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang said that they are “absolutely just [email protected] Ma went on to place the Democratic Progressive Party, the ruling party of Taiwan, for the increasing tension with Chinese communists…but the claim doesn’t really hold up.

Ma said that DPP authorities are “hyping” a “so-called military threat” on the mainland to “invert right and wrong.”

Well, why is China there in the first place? Would Taiwan have any interest in military conflict with China if the Chinese Communist Party hadn’t expressed its intention of taking control of Taiwan?

“If the DPP authorities obstinately persist in going about things the wrong way, and do not know how to draw back from the edge, it will only push Taiwan into a more dangerous action,” Ma threatened.

Chinese President Xi Jinping recently claimed that he would initiate a “peaceful reunification” with Taiwan, suggesting that China will take control of the region in the same way that it recently undemocratically took control of Hong Kong.

He said that Taiwan’s independence campaigners were the “biggest obstacle” to obtaining his goal, which proves that China is the aggressor after all.

The only question is…will President Joe Biden stand with the Taiwanese people as staunchly and resolutely as former President Donald Trump did?