China Is Secretly Propping Up Putin’s Regime Despite Claiming To Be “Neutral”

( The Chinese Communist Party’s flagship publication said that the US holds “inescapable responsibility” for the crisis in Ukraine, as Beijing launched a new campaign to blame Russia’s war on the West.
The People’s Daily, sounding like the typical leftist in America, wrote, “Behind the Ukraine crisis lies the shadow of American hegemony,”
The Chinese believe that the core cause of the Ukraine problem is NATO’s eastward expansion led by the United States; we are the instigators of the Ukraine crisis.
The reporting is demonstrative of how the Chinese government wants its home audience to perceive the West in general and America in particular since it creates the justification for a showdown between the two countries.
“As the instigator and biggest promoter of the Ukraine crisis, the U.S. should reflect on its contemptible role, completely abandon its Cold War mentality and hegemonic behavior, and truly contribute practically toward global and regional peace and stability,” the Chinese said.

Chinese officials claim their country is “not a party” to the war. China self-describes as outwardly neutral and consistent with the majority at the UN. Yet, they abstained at a UN General Assembly vote on March 2 and 24, when 141 and 140 countries condemned Russia’s war and named Moscow the cause of the growing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

China’s votes are always in the best interests of Russia, but they have said it would not contribute meaningfully to Putin’s war effort by providing weapons or other military supplies.

There has been a direct warning from Joe Biden to Xi Jinping during their recent virtual summit—that doing an end-around the economic sanctions would have dire consequences for the Chinese economy.
The West sees China giving critical diplomatic and political cover to Russia as the United States and other big countries move to isolate Putin from the international scene. One example is Beijing’s hesitation to denounce Moscow while their propaganda characterizes the United States as warmongers who encroach on innocent countries trying to protect their sovereignty.
Russia’s grievances against NATO were reinforced in a People’s Daily editorial this week, underscoring Xi and Putin’s close relationship.
This diplomatic climate is cause for concern.