China Brags It Controls Joe Biden!

( A shocking new report just revealed how the Chinese Communist Party’s Cyberspace Administration just boasted of having major influence over the United States, with “bombshell admissions” being revealed by the National Pulse.

The outlet revealed how admissions by the Cyberspace Administration connect organizations like the Berggruen Institute, a Los Angeles-based independent think tank, with the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese government officials.

“A 2017 report effectively claims – on the CCP’s behalf – that CNN host Fareed Zakaria, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Facebook Oversight Board member Helle Thorning-Schmidt, NeverTrump philanthropist Pierre Omidyar and many others “co-operate” with the CCP and its goals,” the report added.

It comes from an unearthed press statement published on the Cyberspace Administration of China website, entitled, “Holding High the Banner of Party Media and Fulfilling Its Duties and Missions.”

The report admits to engaging in “online propaganda and public opinion work” and promoting its “Socialist core value view.”

And then, it goes on to brad of the propaganda efforts pushed by the Chinese Communist Party, describing how they have purchased ad placements in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and New York Times. The Washington Post, the National Pulse notes, published a weekly opinion column by Fareed Zakaria.

It then brags about its work with former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, a series of U.S. politicians, Big Tech names like Jack Dorsey, and think tanks like the Berggruen Institute.

“Through cooperation with think-tanks such as the Berggruen Institute in the United States, the Canadian Center for International Governance Innovation, and the Australian Lowy Institute for International Policy, we have attracted nearly 200 overseas think-tankers as special commentators on China Daily,” it continues.

So China pays for commentators to promote China in the Western press. Got it.

And, according to the National Pulse, a “collaborative effort between former Soros counsel Rosa Brooks and Berggruen executive Nils Gilman, TIP (the “Transition Integrity Project”)littered the U.S. media with commentary about how Joe Biden should refuse to concede in the event of an apparent election night victory for President Donald Trump – which is precisely what happened.”

The National Pulse’s full report describes in detail how CPP-linked think-tankers assisted the Biden transition team, helped Biden security a victory (legitimate or not) over Trump, and promote the “Never Trump” alliance.

If China is already bragging about its control over the United States, then how can President Joe Biden take on the communist, authoritarian regime during his time in office?