China ASKED W.HO. to Delay Declaration of COVID-19 Pandemic

(PatrioticPost.Com)- The efforts made by the World Health Organization to prove that they didn’t work with China to cover up the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic may have all been in vain, as a new report suggests that China did ask the organization to delay the declaration of a global pandemic.

The WHO has, of course, dismissed the report as containing “false allegations,” but German magazine Der Spiegel reported last week that Chinese President Xi asked WHO leader Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to delay the announcement on January 21.

Der Spiegel claims that the phone call in late January was, in part, an effort by China to try and cover up the seriousness of the pandemic and to delay the announcement of a global emergency. The German foreign intelligence agency BND was referenced in the article, but the agency refused to comment. In the report, it was also claimed that the German agency concluded that, as a result of the announcement being delayed, the world lost six weeks of preparation time that could have vastly changed the impact the virus had on global economies.

According to the WHO, Tedros and Zi have “never spoken by phone” and “such inaccurate reports distract and detract from WHO’s and the world’s efforts to end the COVID-19 pandemic.”

If the President of the United States is so concerned about how the WHO responded to the virus that he would withdraw all funding for the United Nations group, however, there might be more to this story.

China reportedly confirmed that the virus could be transmitted between humans on January 20th, and the World Health Organization issued a statement on January 22nd confirming the news. However, at this time, they did not believe it warranted declaring a global pandemic…for some reason. Instead, the WHO continued “investigating” the virus, and a global emergency was only declared weeks later on February 11.

So why wasn’t a global emergency called sooner? When the WHO continued to dismiss the idea of declaring a global emergency, it encouraged world governments to continue allowing international travel. It meant that Democrats continued saying it was racist to talk about closing the borders to China and restricting inbound travel from countries already seeing virus infections.

If it isn’t true, what is WHO’s excuse?