Children Were Told There Are 73 “Genders” At Popular Location 

( A drag queen reportedly told 11-year-olds that there are 73 genders, while other Grade 7 groups were taught about sodomy and gender-changing surgery, prompting the Isle of Man government to stop such “education lessons” and initiate an official inquiry. 

The Isle of Man government reportedly commissioned an independent review of the school curriculum after receiving complaints from parents over its “graphic, inappropriate, immoral depiction” of perverted acts and discussions of gender identities. 

As one “upset” student argued that there are “only two” genders, the drag queen allegedly told the student, “you’ve upset me,” and sent her packing. 

Students in Grade 7 were allegedly shown photographs of phalloplasty surgery, in which the flesh and skin of a woman’s forearm are removed and used to create a prosthetic appendage that looks like a penis, while another set of children in the same grade was taught about oral and anal sodomy. 

A young teacher on the island, according to Eliza Cox, vice-chairman of Marown Commissioners, informed her she had to teach a class of seventh and eighth graders how to masturbate, while another was so uneasy with the subject matter of her session that she urged the pupils not to listen to her. 

Many people are unhappy with the content of the new Personal, Social, Health, and Economic (PHSE) courses issued by the Department of Education in September. This new curriculum even contains descriptions of “fisting” and fetishes, which many people find offensive. 

A petition from parents with over 500 signatures demands a “rapid inquiry into the alleged conduct of instructors.”  

Island officials have launched “an independent inquiry to acquire an impartial understanding of what has occurred,” according to Education Minister Julie Edge’s official statement. 

She said as a matter of openness and transparency in light of the issues that have been highlighted, they have asked for a third-party audit of the situation. She is glad to participate in the independent assessment that the Department of Education, Sport, and Culture is doing and why she thinks the community should avoid speculation. 

She said they would contact all schools this semester to remind teachers and administrators that parents can review classroom materials created for their children.