Children Told To Hide Liberal Tests From Their Parents

( With parents now beginning to focus like a laser on what kind of garbage public schools are force-feeding their children, the Sartell-St. Stephen school district in Minnesota has apparently found a way to keep the focus off of them.

No, they aren’t scrapping Marxist instruction in their schools. Instead, they’re instructing their students to keep their parents in the dark about what they’re being taught.

Last week a fourth grader from Sartell-St. Stephen school district went before the school board and talked about how students were required to fill out an “equity survey,” and were told not to tell their parents what kinds of questions the so-called survey included.

Haylee Yasgar, who attended Riverview Intermediate School, recounted to the board how her teacher told her she was not allowed to skip any of the questions, “even when I didn’t understand them.” Among the questions Haylee had to answer was which gender she identified with.

Haylee said she and her classmates were told that they were not permitted to “repeat any of the questions to our parents.” Being told to keep this from her mother made Haylee very uncomfortable “like I was doing something wrong.”

Watch her testimony:

Telling a child “don’t tell mom and dad” is ordinarily what one says if one is a pedophile. The fact that teachers, public school teachers, are instructing their students to hide things from their parents is deeply alarming.

The Sartell-St. Stephen school district recently paid a left-wing activist group called Equity Alliance MN $80,000 to conduct an audit on “racial inequalities” within the school district.

Equity Alliance MN claims its mission is to “make the educational ecosystem” in Minnesota “equitable for every single student.”

But a review of their so-called “equity audit” exposed problems in the data collection, methodology and reporting – including omissions and errors.

David Switzer, an economics professor at St. Cloud State University, after analyzing Equity Alliance MN’s audit concluded that it misrepresented the data compiled in order to claim there was racial or gender disparity. However, no such disparity existed in the data.