Child Abuser Ring Implicates Disney Employees As Federal Agents Catch Them

( There has been yet another undercover child predator sting operation conducted in Florida, and this time it resulted in the arrest of 17 people.

A six-day undercover operation performed by Florida authorities resulted in arrests of individuals who are believed to have been attempted to coerce minors to engage in sexual activity.

The news was revealed by Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd on Tuesday. He described how “Operation Child Protector” was conducted between July 27 and August 1, and saw detectives go undercover on a number of social media platforms and mobile applications to apprehended people who attempted to coerce underage people into engaging in sexual activities online.

Judd said that the suspects arrested arrived at an undisclosed location in Polk County, expecting to meet with underage people with whom they had already exchanged sexual conversation. Florida authorities had posed as children online to catch the predators, resulting in 17 dangerous people aged between 26 and 47 now taken off the streets of Florida.

The whole story is shocking, but what’s particularly odd about it is that three of the suspects admitted to being employees of Walt Disney.

Could this disturbing revelation indicate that something deeply disturbing is going on within the popular animation company?

26-year-old Kenneth Javier Aquino, who was one of the men arrested, worked as a lifeguard at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Hotel at Disney in Orlando. 29-year-old Savannah Lawrence and 34-year-old Jonathan McGrew also worked at Walt Disney World Hollywood Studios as custodians.

All of the 17 people arrested are facing 49 felony charges. Let’s hope they are locked up for a long time.