Chicago Mayor Caught Speeding In Countless Footage

( Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is a big proponent of cracking down on speeding vehicles, so much so that she lowered the threshold speed cameras allow before issuing speeding citations from a 10 mph over the limit buffer to only 6 mph.

In June, Mayor Lightfoot commiserated with residents, saying that nobody likes speed cameras, but “this is life or death that we’re talking about here.”

Lightfoot was complaining that the City Council wanted to raise the threshold back up to 10 mph, calling the move “unconscionable.”

Ultimately, the City Council rejected the proposal and kept the threshold where Lightfoot placed it.

And yet, Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s official vehicle has been involved in at least eight driving-related violations since February 2020, including speeding and running a red light.

Since May 2021, Lightfoot’s motorcade has received three speed-camera tickets and two warnings, plus a red-light ticket.

More galling still is the fact that not one penny of the cumulative fine of $658 has been paid.

Lightfoot often bemoans the safety of children as the reason the 6 mph threshold should remain in place, frequently emphasizing the need for harsher enforcement around schools.

But in July of last year, Lightfoot’s driver barreled through the school zone at Orr Academy High School going 43 mph. The speed camera ticket fined the Mayor’s driver $244, citing that school children were present.

Last week, CWB Chicago posted a video showing the Mayor’s official SUV getting caught on speeding and red-light cameras, including making a left turn at a red light for which her driver was ticketed another $244.

Watch that HERE.

According to CWB Chicago, Lightfoot’s official vehicle now has a “notice of seizure” for the unpaid fines.

In 2020, the Chicago Tribune reported that the city dismissed most of the tickets issued to Lightfoot’s security team, including any tickets issued when Lightfoot was attending events unrelated to her office.