CDC Director Admits COVID Cases Are Largely Over Counted

( After more than a year of denials, obfuscations, and deflections, the CDC Director has finally confirmed what many of us suspected all along—that COVID-19 is not nearly as lethal as the official numbers say.

As it turns out, according to figures from August, only 6% of “COVID deaths” could be attributed solely to the virus. Just to repeat: 94% of deaths attributed to COVID also listed other factors that contributed to the fatality. Just over one in 20 in the widely reported death count went just to COVID. Unbelievable—unless you’ve been paying attention.

The real story here is that we’ve known these numbers—again, August numbers—since last fall. But the CDC and their willing narrative enforcers in the media and Big Tech whitewashed any news of the revelation they could find. At the time, The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft reported on the quiet update to the numbers, but found himself and others who shared the news silenced and marginalized.

Twitter deleted tweets from user Mel Q who first pointed out the CDC numbers, calling them “misleading information” on COVID-19. Then the good folks at CNN posted a piece celebrating the deletions and the triumph of the prevailing narrative over the knuckle-draggers.

But as the Epoch Times pointed out this week, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky is suddenly taking a different tack. Why the change in tune? Well, Dr. Walensky inadvertently gave away the game while explaining why there were so many deaths listed in people who received their COVID vaccine.

Speaking to CNN on May 16, Walensky said, “Many, many hospitals are screening people for COVID when they come in, so not all of those 223 cases who had COVID actually died of COVID. They may have had mild disease, but died, for example, of a heart attack.”

Exactly. Thank you, Doctor. Hospitals have been testing for coronavirus as patients come in and, as you would expect, many of them are going to test positive, and many of them are asymptomatic. So naturally the “COVID deaths” are going to be inflated, and not just in the case of those who have been vaccinated.

Why was this so controversial before that it demanded Big Tech censorship of anyone who dared point it out? Apparently, the CDC and their allies in the media think Americans can’t handle the truth.