Catholic School Board Passes Rule To Allow Parental Censorship

A censorship bylaw that might be used to prevent parents from denouncing LGBT propaganda in classrooms has been approved by a Catholic school board in Ontario. Concerned parents’ pleas were disregarded as the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board (DPCDSB) approved a censorship motion limiting official delegations to the board. Members of the board were called “tyrants,” “dictators,” and “thugs” by the Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), who also claimed that they did not respect religious freedom, free speech, or the Catholic faith.

To avoid “discrimination against an individual or group of individuals based on a protected ground under the Ontario Human Rights Code,” the new bylaw grants the Chair of the board the authority to revoke a delegation if it is found to be based on such a ground. The Chair’s judgment on whether or not a delegation qualifies as such is final.

Nearly a hundred parents attended a meeting to demand that the board protect their right to free expression. Josie Luetke, the director of education and advocacy at CLC, was also present at the meeting to argue against the move. She advocated for the board to voice their opinions and encourage mutual tolerance for one another’s perspectives.

Over 3,000 concerned Canadians signed a petition presented by CLC to the board in opposition to the motion. On June 20, 2023, a delegate from a devout Catholic elector asked trustees to discontinue flying the “pride” flag at schools under the DPCDSB, prompting the trustees to consider the move. Despite protests from parents and other concerned Canadians, the board voted to support the proposal.

Board Chair Luz Del Rosario, whom CLC had previously green-lighted and helped elect and re-elect, has been given a red signal for voting in favor of censoring parent delegations. Since they supported the censorship law, CLC wants to see the following board members ousted.