Carole Baskin’s ‘Dead’ Husband Is Allegedly Alive

( According to a 2021 interview, “Tiger King” star Carole Baskin’s “dead” husband, Don Lewis, was allegedly discovered alive in Costa Rica years ago.

According to a 2021 interview with ITV’s “This Morning” show, Baskin made the insane claim that her ex-husband, who was long believed to have been murdered, is “alive and well” in Costa Rica. The media largely ignored this claim.

Baskin told the outlet a letter from Homeland Security stating that a special agent in charge with the FBI at Homeland Security reached out to the sheriff’s detective George Fernandez, which meant this had to have happened after 2002 because Homeland Security didn’t exist until 2002. They said Don Lewis, my husband, was healthy and alive in Costa Rica.

Baskin, however, was dubious about the situation as a whole. She claimed she permitted Lewis to take a million dollars to Costa Rica so that he could show that he could support himself.

Baskin said when they recovered what they could years later, it was only about $80,000 because his investments were so bad.  She was glad to hear he was alive and well in Costa Rica, but she was unsure how Homeland Security knew.

According to TMZ, Lewis is still regarded as missing by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida, the local authorities in charge of the missing person’s case.

According to reports, one of the main plotlines of the popular Netflix series “Tiger King” and its sequel was the tale of Lewis’s disappearance.

The first season’s debut coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic. With little else to do, “Tiger King” quickly rose to fame internationally and gave rise to rumors surrounding Baskin’s husband, who mysteriously vanished in 1997.

Lewis was still Baskin’s husband when he vanished. She later married her current husband, Howard Baskin, in 2004.

In 2002, Lewis was formally pronounced dead.

According to a report, Lewis’ family thought Baskin was involved in his disappearance. A family lawyer believed Lewis was strangled before being thrown out of a plane.

What in hell is going on in this world?!