Capitol Hill Sergeant At Arms Admits Who Shot Ashli Babbitt

( The identity of the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, the U.S. military veteran who was killed during the January 6 Capitol Hill protests, was accidentally revealed by the Capitol Hill Sergeant At Arms Timothy Blodgett recently.

The identity of the law enforcement officer who shot Babbitt, as she was climbing through a window in the Capitol Building, has been kept under wraps under the order of a judge, but Blodgett accidentally revealed the likely killer as Capitol Police Lieutenant Mike Byrd during a virtual discussion about what happened on that day.

You can see the clip where he makes the slip up here:


In the video, he can be heard talking about a situation whereby “Byrd was at the door when Miss Babbitt was shot.” He then added that it was a Sergeant At Arms employee who rendered aid to Babbitt as she was dying.

Conservative news outlet National File reported on July 1 that the man who matched the description of the person who shot Babbitt was Mike Byrd, which may have just been confirmed. The Spectator has also previously suggested that the person responsible for the shooting could have been a Secret Service agent who was protecting Vice President Mike Pence, but that theory is reportedly just “gossip.”

Byrd has not faced any charges for the death of Babbitt, despite major concerns about the nature of her killing. While Babbitt was trespassing, she was not presenting any danger or threat to anybody in Capitol Hill at the time she was shot.

Black Lives Matter extremists have rioted over criminals who presented a danger to innocent people being shot, but haven’t said a thing about the killing of Babbitt so far…