Capitol Hill Cop’s Disturbing Past Uncovered By Investigators

( If you watched the fake “bipartisan” January 6 commission’s recent hearing, you no doubt saw Harry Dunn, the Capitol Hill Police Officer who claimed that he was called the N-word by a protester on January 6.

And if you for a moment thought that it seemed unlikely, given that supporters of the Make America Great Again agenda support a multi-racial working-class conservative movement, then the evidence suggests that Dunn may have a political motivation to make up the story.

As reported by the National File, Dunn is a “devout left-wing activist” who has frequently posted online about his hatred of conservatives.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, he even associates with – and promotes – various online Black supremacist figures.

An example of this can be seen in a July 18, 2019 tweet in which he claimed that “racism is so American, that when you protest it, people think that you are protesting America.”

The statement is wrong, of course – and attempts to conflate far-left protests that claim to be anti-racism with a purely anti-racist sentiment. The truth is that when people accuse far-left protests, which often result in violence, of being anti-American it is because those protestors advocate extremist ideas like Critical Race Theory.

Does Officer Dunn know this, or is he being purposely misleading?

The National File also revealed how in May, Dunn posted a photograph of a tattoo he had gotten that showed his support of Black victimhood politics. The tattoo features an eye “crying blood” and a black heart that “represents the struggle of black people.”

Why do people want to be victims so badly – especially in the freest country in the world for people of all races?

He even appeared as a voiceover in a video for the Lincoln Project, a fake Republican anti-Trump organization.

How are we meant to believe anything this man says about Trump supporters?

And how is this committee “bipartisan”?