Canine Units Honored After Uncovering Booby Traps

Mido Taiga, Jack, Gendi, and two more Israeli service dogs will be laid to rest with full military honors for their roles in discovering Hamas’s concealed weapons and explosives.

Islamic Resistance Movement militants slaughtered the Belgian shepherds when they found fifty mines, weapon caches, and ammo caches in a month. The canines served with the Marom Special Operations Brigade and are members of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite Oketz (k-9) squad.

In addition to recovering the remains of two abducted hostages, the dogs played a pivotal role in discovering weapons stashed in the contentious al-Shifa and Turkish hospitals in Gaza City. The battle has claimed the lives of four of these specialty hounds—Mido Taiga, Jack, and Gendi—who will be laid to rest at the unit’s graveyard at their headquarters.

In al-Shifa last week, the Malinois dogs discovered 64-year-old cancer patient Yehudit Weiss and 19-year-old soldier Corporal Noa Marciano. Despite Palestinian organization Hamas’s assertions that Corporal Marciano was wounded in an Israeli strike and Mrs. Weiss died of a panic attack, the two were likely killed by members of Hamas. The IDF’s assertions that Hamas used a complex network of tunnels under al Shifa as a command and control center, in violation of international law, have been bolstered, according to officials, by the discovery of explosives in different parts of the Shifa hospital.

Officials released an amazing video of the dogs in action, including when one dog saved the lives of a unit of troops by detecting a booby-trapped device. Denver, the brave dog, saw the presence of three explosive devices: two big ones outside the Turkish hospital in Gaza and one inside a vehicle sandwiched between two buildings on the premises. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) used a Zik drone to demolish the car without endangering any soldiers after a canine indicated that it had discovered explosives inside.

When access is limited, the dogs may be outfitted with cameras to inspect tunnels for the benefit of the troops. In a clean-up operation that included entering an apartment complex in Gaza City, Gendi was singled out for his courage after the dog gave his life to rescue troops.