Calls mount to fire teacher in Chicago suburb as she shares LGBTQ+ activist books with third-graders

( Parents are increasing their calls for a Chicago teacher to be fired after a viral TikTok video she published showed how she indoctrinated third-grade students with extremist “LGBTQ” ideas.

Lauren Crowe, a teacher at the Abraham Lincoln Elementary schools in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, revealed in her TikTok video that she uses books to promote LGBTQ activism – which goes well beyond the acceptance of homosexual people, which most people are supportive of – to her young students.

Her video was then shared on Twitter by a popular account known as “Libs of TikTok,” which shares some of the most disturbing videos published by left-wing extremists on the video sharing platform.

In the video, she shows off the books she uses to teach young children radical ideas, and in a secondary video, she showed off a number of LGBTQ+-themed stuffed animals that she brought into the class during Gay Pride Month.

You can view the video here:

How hasn’t this woman been fired sooner?

After the video went viral, online activists battled online over whether or not teaching these ideas to children was appropriate, and now it has reached parents.

Crowe has since deleted her LinkedIn account to make it difficult for people to find her, and NBC5 reported how she is now under investigation within the school.

However, in order for the investigation to result in appropriate action – which in this case is surely being fired – it’s essential that people keep up the pressure and don’t like the matter simply disappear.