California Will Strip Out-Of-State Parents Of Child Rights Over Trans Issue

( Last month, the California legislature voted to enact a law that would empower the state to assume custody of out-of-state youngsters seeking gender change procedures and hormones, even if the child’s parents objected.

According to reports, SB 107 was presented in July by Democrat state Senator Scott Wiener as part of efforts to make California a sanctuary state for medical mutilation known as a gender-affirming treatment. It passed with overwhelming Democratic backing.

Evil never sleeps.

The law is now on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk, ready for his signature. He has until the 30th of September to sign or veto the law.

Reports show Senator Wiener claimed the state needed to take action because laws passed elsewhere in the US restrict minors who identify as transgender from accessing radical and destructive content.

According to Wiener, the rules safeguarding American youngsters are brutal attacks on transgender children.

Wiener is the same radical who introduced legislation allowing anyone 12 or older to get vaccinated without parental consent, mandating drag queen story hour in grade school, and relaxing punishment for pedophiles.

Reports show that there appear to be no constraints or criteria for the law to take effect. In other words, if a child wishes to receive these harmful therapies, but one or both parents refuse, California’s courts can take possession of that child to provide the pills and surgery. All the court would have to establish is that the child was mistreated or abused, which is described as unable to access gender-affirming health treatment. It is unclear if the youngster must enter California before the statute takes effect or whether the state can intervene and assist the child with travel and accommodations.

The law stipulates that a child must be present in the state for the measures to take effect but that physical presence in the state is not required to make a custody judgment. The action encourages adolescents to come to California behind their parents’ backs to pursue dangerous treatment.

Fortunately, numerous prominent advocacy groups in California are rallying against the measure and planning legal challenges if and when Newsom signs it into law.

In a statement last week, Jonathan Keller, president of the California Family Council, branded the proposal one of the gravest threats to parental rights in recent years and threatened to battle the state in court. In addition to his and others’ attempts to repeal the statute, Keller urged Attorney Generals from other states to work together to find a solution.