California Recall Election Finally Coming To An End

( Larry Elder, the Republican candidate to replace Governor Gavin Newsom in the recent California recall race, addressed his supporters on election night in Costa Mesa not long before it was announced that the Democrats had held onto the seat.

Elder, a popular conservative pundit who quickly overtook candidate Caitlyn Jenner as the Republican favorite, told supporters that he would keep up the fight to “save” California, even as a majority of precincts had reported their results and it was clear that Newsom was going to hang on to his position.

He insisted that the fight was nowhere near over, and spoke about everything from the high taxes and economic problems to poor education in the state, delivering an accurate assessment of the damage done to the state of California by Democrats in recent years.

Elder also reminded supporters how Gavin Newsom implemented some of the strictest and most authoritarian COVID restrictions through 2020, and got caught out sitting in the French Laundry Restaurant with a group of friends in violation of his own recommendations.

Newsom was sitting in the restaurant “with lobbyists who contributed to his campaign,” Elder said, while “not engaging in social distancing, telling you to do it.”

That was arguably the incident that resulted in the recall race in the first place.

Elder went hard at Newsom over his record, but said that whatever happens, the recall race was likely to have forced Newsom to “pay attention” to these important issues.

Let’s hope he’s right about that.

The election wasn’t even close.

Some 67% of voters opposed the recall, meaning Newsom stayed in office.

At this point, does California deserve every bad policy they get? And is it time for Republicans to simply…leave?