Cali Churches Hold Services on BEACHES to Avoid Unfair Lockdown Rules

( California churches have had enough of the unfair lockdown rules that prevent people from worshipping…so they’ve moved to the beaches. Thousands of Christians across the state have continued worshipping after many churches shifted their services outdoors.

Hey, if they have the weather for it, why not?

Over 5,000 people turned up to a San Diego beach service on Sunday. The “Let Us Worship” event was hosted by Sean Feucht, the founder of Hold the Line, a Christian nonprofit. Video footage shows how worshippers attended the high-production event, complete with stage and sound system setup.

“San Diego showed up with courage, boldness and fire!!!” Feucht tweeted.

Speaking to Fox News about the success, Feucht said that it was the “most raw, organic, gritty gospel.”

“It’s been very eclectic, very diverse in terms of people praying and singing,” he added. “People got healed, saved, and delivered.”

Feucht has been taking these Let Us Worship events all over California. He’s led the faith community in their efforts to continue holding services without breaking the lockdown rules, and he’s done it successfully. Worshippers were forced to think of new ways to gather during lockdown after Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom banned singing in houses of worship earlier this month.

For some time worshippers weren’t even allowed to worship in church at all, but the banning of singing once those rules were relaxed meant people couldn’t worship the way they usually do.

When was the last time you went to church without at least singing a hymn?

Another event was held in Fresno City Hall recently, where hundreds of worshippers turned up in spite of the pandemic. One worshipper told the Fresno Bee that she believes in Jesus Christ and the freedom to worship, which is the reason she attended.

“We love Jesus and we want to worship and nothing’s going to stop us from doing that,” she added.”

A cool way to get around the ban, right? Church on a beach sounds great!