Caitlyn Jenner Defends Dave Chappelle

( After the “woke” mob and transgender activists piled on comedian Dave Chappelle over his latest Netflix comedy special “The Closer,” transgender reality star Caitlyn Jenner stepped up in support of Chappelle and defended his right to free speech.

This week, Chappelle delivered a challenge to the transgender Netflix employees who walked off the job to demand Netflix pull “The Closer.” Chappelle posted a 5-minute video clip from a recent set to Instagram Monday offering his first public statement over the trumped-up controversy. In the clip, Chappelle said he was willing to meet with his critics, but wouldn’t be “bending” to their demands.

In the clip, Chappelle disputed the rumors that he refused an invitation to speak with Netflix’s transgendered employees. He also told his fans that they shouldn’t blame the LGBTQ community for the backlash over his Netflix special, saying “this has nothing to do with them.”

Chappelle said that he would be happy to meet with these activists, but he had some conditions of his own.

Telling the activists that they will not summon him, Chappelle said that he would meet with them at a time and place of his choosing. He also told them he would only meet with protesters only if they took the time beforehand to watch the entire special from beginning to end. Chappelle’s final condition was these activists must also admit that comedian Hannah Gadsby “is not funny.”

In response to Chappelle’s video, Jenner said on Twitter that the comedian is “100% right” to stand up to the outrage mob, adding that the controversy had nothing to do with the “LGBTQ movement.” Instead, Jenner explained, it is “about woke cancel culture” trying to silence Chappelle’s right to free speech.

Jenner added that people should “never yield or bow to those who wish to stop us from speaking our minds.”

During Tuesday’s “Gutfeld!” show on Fox News, Greg Gutfield and his guests discussed Dave Chappelle’s brilliant response to the outrage mob.

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