Bush-Era Press Secretary: Media “PROTECTING” Joe Biden

(PatrioticPost.Com)- Former White House Press Secretary under the George W. Bush administration, Ari Fleischer, made an unexpected interjection into the 2020 race last week during an interview with SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday.

Fleischer discussed the left-wing bias in America’s media and told host Joel Pollak that he believes that the press is “protecting” presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Pollak asked Fleischer about a perceived “double standard” in American media, discussing the general disinterest from left-wing media outlets about the accusations made against Biden by Tara Reade. Pollak compared that lack of interest with the huge coverage that Christine Blasey Ford received when she accused then-Supreme Court Justice candidate Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

“Are the Democrats hiding Joe Biden from the press?” Pollak asked.

Fleischer responded by saying the media isn’t interested in going after the former vice president.

“The press is not trying to get Joe Biden, so it is easy for the Democrats,” he said. “The Democrats don’t have to hide him. The press isn’t challenging him. How did it take so long for a reporter, Mika Brzezinski, to ask him a question? How many interviews did he do with CNN anchors with MSNBC anchors, none of them asked a question about Tara Reade. So no, the Democrats aren’t hiding him.”

“The press is protecting him and that is too often how it works,” he added.

Fleischer’s analysis is accurate. For weeks, the American press refused to ask Hoe Biden questions about the accusations made against him. Former Senate staffer Tara Reade alleged in March that she was sexually assaulted by Biden in a corridor in the Senate building in 1993.

Biden only recently released a statement officially denying the allegations.

Fleischer also said that the news media, particularly overtly left-wing news media, often pretend to be politically neutral.

“This is where the modern media is so broken, I’m afraid to say. The era of neutral reporting is over, and the only thing left that shouldn’t make anybody sad, because it’s the way it is, is that the press pretends they’re still neutral.”

He said if you ask CNN anchors and most journalists where they stand, they’ll tell you, “Oh no, we’re neutral. We went to journalism school.”

But they’re not, Fleischer said.

“It’s the culmination of this decades-long liberal trend.”

Sound about right, doesn’t it?