Burger King Boycott Underway Over Advertisement

Burger King has felt the heat for removing its ads from Rumble, the podcast host where sexual assault and rape allegations against British comic Russell Brand have been made.

The fast-food burger franchise was one of numerous companies to remove their commercials from the video-streaming service, along with Asos and HelloFresh. Although the burger chain has not commented on the allegations against Brand, some on social media have drawn connections between the two.

This decision was made after three British news outlets launched investigations –The Sunday Times, The Times, and Channel 4’s Dispatch– into allegations of rape and sexual abuse against Brand over a decade ago revealed damning evidence.

Brand categorically denies the charges and called them “distressing” in a video he posted to Rumble, YouTube, and X (previously Twitter) on September 22.

According to The New York Times, Brand makes $1.2 million yearly from YouTube and approximately $33,045 monthly on his Rumble channel. This week, the platform removed the ability to earn money from his channel.

Rumble, which bills itself as “immune to cancel culture,” received backlash after Burger King decided to drop its commercials, and many users flocked to X to express their displeasure.

The English comedian and actor is accused of rape, sexual assault, emotional abuse, and inappropriate workplace behavior, but none of the women have gone to the police. Brand has essentially been tried and convicted by the court of public opinion.

Four women have come forward to accuse him of sexual assault between 2006 and 2013. Allegations of oppressive, abusive, and predatory behavior on Brand’s part have been made by others.

A lady says that while she was a teenager, Brand sexually attacked her. According to Alice (not her real name), she was 16 when she had a brief relationship with Brand (then 30).

During their limited time together, Alice claims Brand sexually assaulted her without permission.

No physical evidence of these allegations has been revealed to the media.