Brooklyn Jewish Community Wave TRUMP 2020 Flags In Anti-Cuomo Protests New York City’s Orthodox Jewish community came out in force on Tuesday night, rallying against Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio. The protest comes after New York’s Democratic leaders pushed new lockdowns and restrictions that appeared to overwhelmingly target the Jewish community.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have faced intense criticism in recent months for their targeting of the Jewish community in New York during their strict lockdowns.

The New York Post reported how hundreds of members of the Orthodox Jewish community in Borough Park took to the streets and defied local dispersal orders. The protesters set fire to masks in the streets, waved flags, and even danced.

The protests continued into Wednesday, where Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community once again took to the streets. This time, they linked arms and danced in a circle, while waving “TRUMP 2020” flags.

It’s a clear sign that the Democrats do not have the support of the minority Jewish communities in America, including in left-wing New York.

The protests are a response to Cuomo’s latest round of lockdown rules, which includes the shutting down of what he deems “non-essential” business in certain parts of the city. Almost all of the ZIP codes affected by the new lockdowns are Jewish areas of the city, which Cuomo said are “coronavirus hot spots.”

In the “intense clusters” outlined in the new rules, non-essential businesses and schools will be closed, and restaurants will only be able to serve takeout food. Large gatherings will also be banned and places of worship will only allow up to 10 or 25 people to attend.

The “red zone” released by the office of the governor includes Borough Park, Midwood, and Homecrest.

In a statement released on Tuesday, the Orthodox Jewish community in New York said that they feel they were being singled out.

“We are appalled by Governor Cuomo’s words and actions today,” the statement reads. “He has chosen to pursue a scientifically and constitutionally questionable shutdown of our communities.”

Isn’t this the same party that so shamelessly tries to link President Trump’s campaign with neo-Nazis and white supremacists?