British Army Will Spend Almost $800K On Woke Diversity Training

( Senior officers from the British Army are expected to take part in a new woke Diversity and Inclusion Directorate which will force them to abide by new politically correct rules and standards. The British army will also, as a result of the training, be required to hire a new team of woke “specialists” who will ensure the new standards are met.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the program is expected to cost £500,000 for new staff alone. That’s roughly $650,000. There will also be an additional £110,000 ($140,000) salary cost for whatever woke “expert” gets hired at the Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

That’s almost $800,000 to fix something that isn’t broken and make one of the most respected Armed Forces on the planet bow down to Critical Race Theorists and SJWs.

Isn’t Britain meant to have a conservative Prime Minister and government right now?

The Mail On Sunday, a British newspaper, said that candidates for the highly-paid director position will be expected to help employees of the Ministry of Defence, as well as soldiers, “eel authentic in the workplace.” The role also requires that they consider everyone’s needs and make sure everybody feels “valued.”

Again, we’re talking about the army here.

Sir Nick Carter, who is the Chief of Defence Staff, signed off on the new initiative as part of a wider effort to change the perception that the British Army is made up of mostly straight, white men. It follows a series of highly controversial public ad campaigns that encouraged gay people and Muslims to join the armed forces.

In one advertisement, soldiers were depicted waiting on a battlefield while their Muslim colleague prayed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has yet to offer his opinion on the matter, but if his recent comments about suggestions that BBC would ban patriotic British songs from a famous annual concert known as the “Last Night of the Proms” is anything to go by, he may not be too pleased.

President Donald Trump also stepped up recently to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in federal government programs.