Brian Stelter Paints Bleak Picture of Network’s Potential Liability as Zucker-Cuomo Saga Drags On

( Brian Stelter took some time out from his steady diet of donuts and Fox News to acknowledge that his network is facing a “legal mess” over the ongoing scandal involving former host Chris Cuomo, former CEO Jeff Zucker, and Zucker’s paramour Allison Gollust.

During his laughably named Sunday show “Reliable Sources,” Stelter offered a recap of the sordid saga. Regarding the allegations that Gollust was directly involved in prescreening questions with former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo before a March 2020 interview, Stelter admitted that the allegations were true.

But the corpulent host added that he’s spoken with “multiple anchors” from the company he works for who told him that in their interviews with Andrew Cuomo, “none of them saw signs of interference.” He said the allegations against Allison Gollust “surprised them.”

You have to admit, it’s kind of funny imagining Brian Stelter, notebook and pen in hand, waddling around the building where he works trying to “interview” his coworkers.

Stelter then brought his panel into the discussion. Former CBS News Vice President Joe Peyronnin suggested that the scandal reveals a conflict of interest complication for the former cable news network.

Then the pudgy host interjected that if Jeff Zucker had simply placed Chris Cuomo on a leave of absence when he had the chance, then “maybe none of this would have happened.”

That’s quite a galaxy take.

Yes, and maybe if Jeff Zucker just turned a blind eye to it and let Chris Cuomo continue to harass employees in peace, the whole mess could have been avoided entirely.

As the CNN panel continued to talk about CNN, Stelter piped in that “everyone is lawyered up” now that Chris Cuomo is threatening to sue the network for the millions he lost when they severed his contract.

Stelter mournfully concluded that the current scandal is “a legal mess for CNN.”