Brett Kavanaugh’s Latest Decision Has Liberals Very Worried

( If Vox is reporting that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s latest decision “should alarm liberals,” then you know he’s doing something right.

The left-wing media outlet reported how the Supreme Court made two decisions on Monday that could “hint that many Democrats’ worst fears about the Court’s 6-3 Republican majority might come true.”

And it could mean that President Joe Biden has more reason than ever to pack the courts and do away with convention observed by both Democrats and Republicans alike.

The first decision Vox was concerned about was the announcement that the court will hear “Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.” The case is a challenge to the law in Mississippi that bans almost all abortions after fifteen weeks – a common-sense piece of legislation designed to protect human life. Vox claims that the case is an “existential threat” to what the outlet calls a “constitutional right to abortion” – a constitutional right that doesn’t actually exist.

The second threat, according to the outlet, is the ruling on Monday from the Supreme Court that Ramos v. Louisiana, which said that people cannot be convicted of a serious crime unless a jury voted unanimously to convict, will not be retroactive. That means that almost everybody convicted by a non-unanimous jury verdict won’t benefit from the decision in Ramos.

Cox correctly notes that the Supreme Court has been historically reluctant to overrule major precedents, and for a couple of reasons. Partly it’s because Supreme Court justices know that the law should be understandable and predictable, and that overruling long-standing precedent would make the Supreme Court a partisan prize for consecutive presidents. And, partly because it could endanger the Supreme Court itself if a president takes issue with it.

And in the age of the Biden administration, both appear true. But Vox doesn’t acknowledge President Biden’s looming decision on transforming the Supreme Court into something strictly more partisan and political.

We’ll report back once some decisions have been made, and we’ll see whether Vox’s concerns turn out to be justified.