Brett Baier Calls January 6th a “Dark Day”

( While promoting his new book on Ulysses S. Grant on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Fox News anchor Bret Baier claimed that the 3-hour melee at the Capitol on January 6 was a “dark day” for the country which he compared to “what we saw in 1876” during the post-Civil War political crisis.

Baier, who told Colbert that he was finishing up his book on Grant at the same time he was covering the three-hour riot, said he was struck by how similar January 6 was to 1876 which is the “climax” of his book – when Grant “makes the grand bargain” holding the country together during a contested election.

Oh, please.

So now, January 6 isn’t just like the Civil War; it is also just like the Post-Civil War. And 9/11. And Pearl Harbor. And the cancellation of “Happy Days.” And the invention of Daylight Saving Time!!!

Good grief. Enough with this drama.

January 6 was a protest that got out of hand and was quickly brought back under control in less than four hours. Even the Kavanaugh protests lasted longer than the melee on January 6.

But Baier has a book to sell to a largely Left-leaning audience. So naturally he’s going to lay it on thick and portray a three-hour melee as the worse thing since the climax of his book.

By and large, the American public is losing interest in the January 6 riot. Outside of the beltway media and politicians, nobody really cares about it anymore. Even some in the leftwing media are beginning to realize that, outside of their bubble, the intensity around that three hour riot has waned to nothing.

But these guys can’t let go of it. Democrats can’t run on Biden’s successful presidency because there is no such thing. They certainly can’t run on their own agenda because it’s largely rejected.

A three-hour ruckus at the Capitol on January 6 is all these people have going for them in the lead-up to the 2022 Midterm elections.

What’s sad and pathetic is how willing some Fox News hosts are to play along.