Brad Pitt Accused Of Assaulting Wife In Front Of Children

( Angelina Jolie claims Brad Pitt grabbed her by the head, shook her, choked one of their kids, and slapped another when they protected her.

The couple’s disagreement about a French home and winery they co-owned, unrelated to their divorce, prompted Jolie to file a cross-complaint detailing violence aboard the private plane. Jolie quickly filed for divorce.

Pitt’s publicist called Jolie’s charges “another rehash that harms the family.”

Shortly after the journey, claims of abuse on the plane were made public, but the facts were kept secret in divorce proceedings and FBI and Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services investigations, all of which found no action against Pitt was warranted.

After a closed-door trial, the court gave Pitt shared custody of the kids. In response to Jolie’s motion, an appeals court disqualified the private judge for failing to disclose conflicts of interest.

A Jolie lawsuit against the FBI over a FOIA request made the charges public earlier this year.

According to the lawsuit, Jolie, Pitt, and their six children left Chateau Miraval on September 14, 2016.

The letter says Pitt had a quarrel with one of the kids before the family arrived at the airport, suggesting his violent conduct. Jolie asked Pitt what was wrong after takeoff. Pitt verbally insulted her and accused her of spoiling the kids.

He hauled her into the bathroom and roared. Pitt shook and grabbed Jolie, then slammed her against the bathroom wall. Pitt allegedly retaliated after one of the 8-15-year-olds supported Jolie.

Jolie grabbed Pitt from behind as he leapt towards his own child. Pitt injured Jolie’s back and elbow as he flung himself backward into the airplane seats to help Jolie off his back.

The young people dashed in and valiantly attempted to defend one another. Pitt choked one of the kids and hit another one in the face before it was all over.

He then allegedly poured beer on Jolie and red wine and beer on the kids.

Jolie’s team later described the flight to two FBI agents. Later, the group released a heavily redacted report.

It showed Jolie with elbow bruising and a rug-burned hand. She said Pitt appeared sober and intellectual after two to three beers.

According to the report, federal prosecutors and investigators met and “decided not to seek criminal charges for several reasons.”