BLM Extremists KNOCK OUT Police Officer With A BRICK In Kenosha Riots

( Extremist riots broke out once again on Sunday night, with Black Lives Matter activists jumping on an incident involving the shooting of a black man by police officers. The incident saw a man, with a domestic abuse charge and a prior sex crime, resist arrest from police officers and lean into his vehicle as if to grab something. Officers shot him to protect themselves, cared for him at the scene and called for medics who transported the man to the hospital.

Before even the authorities have the full details of the incident, Black Lives Matter thought they knew everything they need to know and immediately started trashing the city of Kenosha. Journalist Andy Ngo, who is well known for his coverage of Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, published footage of the Kenosha riots in which an officer is hit in the head with a brick.

The officer appears to be knocked out, falling to the ground as somebody shouts, “he just got bricked!”

Can you believe this? Well, I suppose if you’ve been watching what’s been going on in Portland for the last 90 days then you can. Officers have been repeatedly attacked by far-left rioters, resulting in some members of the Portland police being permanently blinded by dangerous green lasers used by rioters.

The Journal Times reports how shouts of “officer down!” could be heard on the police scanner as hundreds of rioters caused chaos in the city.

“Rocks and bricks have been thrown, and at least one Molotov cocktail being thrown has been reported, as is property damage,” the outlet reported. “One police vehicle was reportedly ‘stomped’ and then later towed away. Scanner reports also indicate that an armored BearCat vehicle was damaged by protestors.”

Jacob Blake, the man who was shot by officers in Kenosha earlier that day, was not an innocent man who was shot for no reason. Police interacted with the man after responded to calls of a domestic incident. Given that he has a previous charge of domestic abuse and a history of assaulting police officers, there was clearly good reason to investigate. But after he refused to be arrested and reached into his car, police officers were forced to act.

No information is available about the injured police officer right now, but we will update you as that information comes in.

Does Black Lives Matter think that black people should have special privileges when it comes to arrests, which allows them to resist arrest? Should all people of color be allowed to ignore officers who are responding to reports of domestic incidents?