BLM Activist Cori Bush WINS Congressional Seat In Missouri

( Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex could soon be adding a new member to her Squad, as a Black Lives Matter activist wins the Missouri 1st Congressional District race. Cori Bush won the election on Tuesday night and will now become the first black congresswoman in the state.

Bush won a decisive victory, too. The radical BLM activist, who supports an organization linked with the unprecedented violence seen in major American cities throughout the summer, took 84% of the vote and handsomely beat Republican candidate Anthony Rogers.

True to her radical political beliefs, Bush said that her win was part of a “political revolution.” She even described herself as an activist made by Ferguson.

“Mike Brown was murdered 2,278 days ago,” she said. “We took to the streets for more than 400 days in protest. Today, we take this fight for black Lives from the streets of Ferguson to the halls of Congress. We will get justice.”

In a series of tweets accepting her victory, Bush said that she is the first nurse from Missouri going to Congress, which she said was important because of the ongoing pandemic. She also said that working-class Americans need members of Congress to “look like them” and that she is their “champion.”

“To all the counted outs, the forgotten abouts, the marginalized, and the pushed asides,” she said. “This is our moment.”

Unless you’re one of the people marginalized, pushed aside, or physically assaulted by members of Black Lives Matter, right?

The New York Post reported that Bush first became active in Black Lives Matter in 2014, and joined protests in response to the Michael Brown shooting. She has reported remained involved with the protests ever since and was “heavily involved in the recent protests surrounding the murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor,” according to the outlet.