Black Democrat Denounces Critical Race Theory

( One of the claims made by proponents of critical race theory is that the growing opposition to its use in public schools is nothing more than a Republican conspiracy theory.

But it isn’t just Republicans who are speaking out against CRT.

Former Democrat congressional candidate from Georgia, Barrington D. Martin II, published an essay in Newsweek on Monday calling on black Americans to reject the Democrat Party’s race narrative and to fight back against the use of critical race theory in schools.

Barrington argues that the Democrats use race solely for political purposes as a way to galvanize black voters into supporting Democrat candidates, despite the fact that many black Americans have conservative ideals.

While Barrington concedes that racial prejudice will “never be truly eradicated,” he insists that the enormous progress made be recognized.

Writing that “we are living the best of times,” Barrington adds that the nation is not the same as it was in the segregated South of the 1960s and earlier. And he blasts the Democrat Party for “working overtime to keep race ideology alive and well.”

And for critical race theory, Barrington has equally strong words of rebuke. Blaming its implementation for serving as the “life support for race ideology,” Barrington writes that CRT provides “political capital to Democrats wishing to keep black Americans believing in the omnipresence of racism.”

While Barrington took the Democrats to task for indoctrinating children “to see themselves through their skin tones,” he also criticized Republicans for not making a clear case against the use of critical race theory. The GOP, Barrington explains, “are going about rejecting it in the wrong way.”

To Barrington’s thinking, both the Democrats and the Republicans have failed American blacks.

While Barrington believes blacks have little to show for their decades of supporting Democrats, Republicans don’t “spend enough time in our communities to show why they are the better political party to support.”

Read Barrington’s essay “Listen to Black Parents Furious with Critical Race Theory” HERE.