Bill Maher Boosts CNN Ratings After Going On There To Slam Woke Culture

( Mediaite offered an interesting analysis of the TV ratings recently, describing how CNN seems to be picking back up again after experiencing a massive post-election lull.

The outlet reported how “Cuomo Prime Time,” far-left “anchor” Chris Cuomo’s show on CNN, got a boost on Wednesday night…but only because someone more popular and likable than Cuomo was on the show.

So it’s not all good news.

Bill Maher appeared on the show and slammed woke culture – something CNN regularly appears to defend.

Popular HBO host Bill Maher, a moderate liberal who regularly rails against woke leftists, appeared on the show and shot Cuomo’s viewership numbers past 1 million viewers at the 9pm slot for the first time since election night last year.

It meant Cuomo had the top spot on CNN last Wednesday not just in terms of viewers but also in terms of the key age demographics.

However, with just 1.06 million viewers, Cuomo couldn’t even come close to Fox News’ Sean Hannity who saw 3.45 million people tune in. Even the wildly unpopular Rachel Maddow saw 2.16 million people tune in to hear her spout her usual nonsense.

Sean Hannity even beat Cuomo in the 25-54 age demographic handsomely, with more than double both Cuomo and Maddow’s figures.

Okay, so when we say CNN saw a boost after a long post-election lull…what we really mean is that even Bill Maher can’t save the network from its flagging viewership.

Maybe they should consider reporting the news rather than spreading conspiracy theories and attacking half the American public as racist. Just a thought.

You can see the full break down of the data by clicking here.