Bill Gates Tries To Lecture Americans On Being Skeptical Of Self-Proclaimed “Experts”

( Last week CNN’s Anderson Cooper invited Microsoft founder Bill Gates on his program to discuss COVID and to ask Gates his thoughts on Florida Governor Ron DeSantis banning mask mandates in Florida schools.

Because who else would you ask about it but the founder of Microsoft?

“Listen to the experts” indeed.

Naturally Gates could be trusted to promote the party propaganda that Mandates are good and Republican governors are evil.

Gates griped about people who are strongly opposed to mask mandates, but his argument is specious. Rather than address objections to mandates, Gates portrays it as an objection to masks in general. But that isn’t the point.

DeSantis opposes mandating masks. He has no problem with parents or individuals choosing to wear them.

But arguing against straw men is what these people do all the time.

Despite the lack of documented research, Gates also claimed that forcing children to wear masks would save lives and prevent disease, adding that wearing masks is one of “the lowest cost and highest benefit things in this whole picture.”

And if someone in Florida believes that, he or she is welcome to put a mask on his or her child.

But CNN has a mission here – to turn Ron DeSantis into a monster for leaving the decision to up to the child’s parents instead of the state.

Ironically these anti-DeSantis dopes are claiming DeSantis is a “fascist” and a “tyrant” for leaving the decision up to parents instead of permitting mandates. That doesn’t make a bit of sense. Tyrants don’t leave things up to individuals, they impose dictates. By any definition, DeSantis is the least tyrannical governor in the country.

Gates made a lot of unsubstantiated claims in this segment, but of course, Anderson Cooper didn’t ask him to provide any evidence for them. Then again, the Facts First news network isn’t particularly interested in the facts.

Gates claimed that states that don’t have mandates “will pay the highest price.”

But evidence and data doesn’t support that claim at all.

Watch the whole segment:

Why would anyone take Bill Gates word for it? He isn’t a virologist. He isn’t a medical doctor. He isn’t a research scientist. He’s a nerd that struck it rich making a computer.

CNN’s objective here isn’t to provide accurate information. Its objective is to use fearmongering over the delta variant as a bludgeon against the Republican who poses the greatest threat to Democrat power. And Bill Gates is more than happy to play his part.