Bill Gates Spotted Leaving Helicopter And SUV While At Climate Change Event

( “Rules for thee, but not for me,” has been a quip many on the right have used to describe the rich elites in both the public and private sphere who like to dictate to us what we should do. Billionaires like Bill Gates might believe climate change is the biggest threat facing the planet, but that hasn’t stopped him from buying up an ocean front property and flying into a climate change conferences in his helicopter.

The elite who boasted about drinking human feces arrived in Blaine, Washington last week for the 6th annual Cascadia Innovation Corridor (CIC) Conference, according to Gateway Pundit. Speakers for the events included Governor Jay Inslee (Washington), Premier John Horgan (British Columbia), Governor Kate Brown (Oregon); and Governor Gavin Newsom (California), amongst other featured speakers.

The CIC’s mission for the conference was to connect leaders to build their shared strengths and advance a sustainable region. Their goal is to reportedly achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050—a goal set for them by the World Economic Forum, according to Rebel News.

“The vision of the Cascadia Innovation Corridor is to become one innovative economic zone that generates a shared sense of identity and belonging as its centerpiece,” an entry on CIC website read.

“With a focus on research, economic development and transportation, the Cascadia Innovation Corridor is enhancing improved connectivity, productivity, health outcomes, and innovation for the benefit of people living in the region, and beyond.”

In a video that went viral, Bill Gates is seen arriving at the conference in a helicopter, which is reportedly the biggest source of lead emissions in the U.S. Katie Daviscourt of Rebel News then approached the pilots that flew Gates in.

“Is this helicopter electric? These are Bill Gates’ pilots, [I’m] trying to figure out if he arrived today on an electric helicopter or if it takes just fuel. They don’t seem to want to be answering our questions because this is a climate change conference where they want net zero carbon emissions. But this produces a lot of carbon emissions.” She said.