Bill Gates’ Office Interviews Were Very Suspicious

Candidates for jobs in Bill Gates’ private office have reported being asked sexist and/or offensive questions during interviews, including whether or not they had viewed pornographic material, had an affair, or “danced for dollars.” 

According to comments made to the Wall Street Journal by a number of female candidates, Mr. Gates’ office is alleged to have used the services of a security organization that posed probing questions throughout the hiring process. Women have also reported being asked about their history of sexually transmitted diseases and whether or not they maintain explicit images of themselves on their phones. 

Concentric Advisors, a security firm, claims the questions were designed to determine whether a candidate could be blackmailed. Sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein allegedly attempted to blackmail Bill Gates over the latter’s extramarital affair. 

Mr. Gates’s staff said they had no idea their security agency was conducting these interviews. The business said they feel the questions are unacceptable and violate Gates Ventures’ agreement with the contractor.

About a week ago, Bill Gates met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and announced a $50 million partnership with a Chinese Communist Party-run research institute supporting the country’s armed forces.

Tsinghua University, which the Australian Strategic Policy Institute claims to have “secret-level security credentials” for classified military research, trains students in China’s nuclear weapons program, and may have conducted cyberattacks on behalf of the Chinese government, will benefit financially from the partnership.

As part of the collaboration, funding will be sent to Peking University, which requires security credentials at a “secret level” because they perform top-secret military experiments and research.

Last Thursday, one day after news of the donation’s impending announcement, Xi and Gates met. The Chinese president called Gates “an old friend.”

It sounds like the security organization should strap Gates to the polygraph machine.