Bill Gates And His Mission For A “Global Citizen”

( Beau Davidson, the host of The Beau Show, recently touched

on the subject of the “Global Citizen.”  You’ve heard that phrase before, but what does it

really mean?

Davidson explained that when we hear the word Global, it means several things.

It refers to the fact that we are all supposed to be one human race, which means we should not be concerned with Borders or national pride.

It also has a striking similarity to the word Globalist which, of course, would be a person.  Usually, an elitist who wants not just national power but global power. The idea is that the whole globe can solve your problems.

Global also means that they will focus on the globe or planet Earth, which means one issue:  Climate change.

With climate change comes regulations. Have and have not redistribution of wealth and resources, again turning attention away from your national dilemmas and focusing on the globe instead.

Davidson believes the biggest example of a globalist intonation right now is Ukraine, where the globalists have emphasized helping Ukraine in its war with Russia.

But the devil is always in the details.

Davidson says that what may seem like a no-brainer to help the weaker underdog can be a boondoggle with vast financial interests at stake.

According to Monthly Review Online, the Ukrainian government mysteriously deleted online records of its fundraising arrangement with the FTX crypto scam just days before the Scandal erupted.  The initiative claims to have raised 60 million dollars for Ukraine, but where did the money go?

Bill Gates, whom Davidson has profiled in previous shows, urges people to become Global Citizens.

Gates stated that people like him want to ignite people’s desire for connection to the power of digital technology that can bring people together and break down barriers. Global Citizens can use their time beyond their communities to connect with something more significant. Gates said a movement of Global Citizens is needed. From world leaders to people everywhere to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Davidson remarked that Bill Gates talks about those in need, but he’s not focused on the citizens of the United States.

But Gates is focused on the United States.
He wants our data, our money, and our compliance.