Bill Clinton Thinks CBD Study Shows ‘Very Encouraging’ Results To Treating Pain

( The former president, who famously acknowledged smoking marijuana in his teens but denied inhaling, reportedly kept track of the development of cannabinoid studies at NYU Langone, which depended on Orcosa products containing CBD from TR Processing (TRP), the latter business disclosed on Tuesday.

In a news release, Clinton stated that the Clinton Foundation has fought for years to minimize opioid addiction and mortality.

We require non-addictive alternatives to pain medication if we are to succeed. The study findings from NYU Langone using the CBD element in TRP are positive, and I’m looking forward to the outcomes of the following round.

The scientific trial’s findings showed that Orcosa’s CBD pill ORAVEXX significantly reduced post-operative pain compared to the placebo, with no adverse side effects, among 99 patients aged 18 to 75 who underwent rotator cuff surgery.

The Clinton Foundation and the former president’s office were contacted by Marijuana Moment for more comment, but no one was immediately available.

The latest declaration on the findings is consistent with remarks the former president is said to have made earlier this year, in which he discussed recent research into cannabidiol as a potent medication that may be used to “fight pain.”

The report about his statements was purportedly removed at the time due to pressure from Clinton’s staff before it was re-posted online.

In any event, TRP also announced Tuesday that Andrea Barthwell, a former White House deputy drug czar, has joined the company’s board of directors and would be in charge of a department responsible for creating patented treatments. Before helping GW Pharmaceuticals in their efforts to obtain clearance for the cannabinoid-based medicine Sativex, Barthwell suggested that medicinal cannabis was little more than snake oil. For this comment, she received harsh criticism from proponents.