Bill Clinton Shared Suite With Jeffrey Epstein, Trafficking Victim Says

( Speaking to the Daily Beast, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims claims that former Democratic President Bill Clinton shared a hotel suite with the late millionaire sex offender, and that Epstein was often worried about getting poisoned during their trips together.

The far-left “news” outlet describes how Juliette Bryant met Epstein at a cocktail bar in Cape Town, South Africa, when she was just 20 years in old in September of 2002. Actress Naja Hill, an American, approached her and told her that a man was bothering her and asked if she could join them. She obliged, and soon Hill introduced her to her friend Jeffrey Epstein, falsely claiming that he was the owner of Victoria’s Secret and could help jumpstart her modeling career.

Hill told Bryant that Epstein was at a restaurant nearby dining with former President Bill Clinton as well as actors Chris Tucker and Kevin Spacey, and asked if she would like to go with her to meet them. They then hopped in a car and went to the restaurant.

She told The Daily Beast that when she met Epstein and Clinton it was fairly clear that the two were close – especially given that they were sharing a suite at the Cape Grace, a five-star hotel in Cape Town.

She also described how Epstein was scared of getting poisoned.

“Epstein always had platters because I think he was scared of being poisoned,” she told the outlet. “There were platters of food for everyone, and he’d pick off other people’s plates. It was weird.”

If you read the full piece, it gives you an interesting insight into how Epstein operates and how he even got celebrities to help him recruit women who he would later sexually abuse.

It goes to show just how many people in Hollywood willingly turned a blind eye to this abuse. And we’re meant to listen to them when they preach to us about politics?