Bill Barr Says Trump Will “Burn Down” The GOP

( Bill Barr is suffering from the Trump curse, which eradicates all Deep State actors who falsely portray themselves as upright individuals.

Bill Barr handed over his DOJ and FBI to criminals to run. Corrupt Chris Wray still leads the FBI.

Barr never spoke about the crimes committed by the Mueller gang members who tried to overthrow the Trump Administration.

Barr never brought up the censoring of conservatives by Big Tech.

Barr never addressed the unethical behavior that preceded the impeachments. He never discussed Biden’s dubious business dealings in China, Russia, or Ukraine.

Barr avoided discussing Hillary’s numerous crimes and Obama’s dealings with Iran.

Barr then made a grave mistake by omitting the numerous crimes committed during the 2020 election that resulted in the certification of an invalid vote that gave Biden the victory.

A good and honest American nowadays is frightened of having their home raided in the middle of the night for participating in legal and constitutional behavior because the FBI and DOJ are so politicized.

After the Jan. 6 setup, innocent Americans have been imprisoned for two years, and Barr could care less.

Bill Barr now thinks the MAGA mob is interested in what he has to say.

Today, The Daily Mail published an article on Barr and the ongoing campaign by GOP elites who want President Trump to resign:

Bill Barr, a former attorney general, attacked Donald Trump after the former president declared his third presidential bid, saying he was “least able to unite” the GOP and was “most likely to lose the general election” in 2024.

‘Trump Will Burn Down the GOP,’ writes Bill Barr in an opinion piece for Bari Weiss’ newspaper Common Sense – A New Leadership is Needed.

We watch what happens to President Trump, who was an outsider, for sticking up for America.

The privileged and traitors are despised in America. Barr is unaware that he is part of that group.