Biden’s White House May Be Compromised After Hunter Biden Blunder

( House Oversight Republicans have new evidence allegedly showing that Hunter Biden might have been compromised by Chinese intelligence through one of his business associates and have slammed the FBI’s “troubling” lack of curiosity about the Biden family’s foreign business dealings and the possible threat to US national security.

In a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray, Congressman James Comer, ranking member of the House Oversight Committee, demanded the FBI turn over evidence of what the bureau has done to investigate Hunter’s business associate JiaQi Bao’s ties to communist China before she helped facilitate the possible sale of US gas interests to the Chinese company CEFC on the Biden family’s behalf.

Comer noted that Oversight Republicans had obtained evidence that Bao urged Hunter to encourage his father to run for president months before Joe Biden announced his candidacy. She then supplied the Biden family with campaign advice regarding China.

Comer wrote that Committee Republicans had reviewed media reports and documents suggesting that Bao and Hunter’s relationship extended beyond the professional, a common tactic used by Chinese intelligence officers.

Just ask Eric Swalwell.

Comer told Wray that Committee Republicans have concerns that Hunter might have been “compromised” by the Chinese Communist Party and its foreign intelligence services. He said because of the “interconnected nature of the Biden family’s finances and business dealings, this type of access would jeopardize U.S. national security.”

Comer demanded Chris Wray turn over all of the evidence the FBI might have concerning Hunter’s dealings with Bao along with any evidence of what the bureau did to investigate not only their relationship but others the Biden family had with China.

He blasted the FBI for its “lack of interest in the Biden family dealings,” calling it “troubling”, especially in light of the national security threat of a foreign intelligence agent “gaining access to a president family’s sensitive information.”