Biden’s VP List: It’s Down to Harris, Warren, and Rice

( Joe Biden’s VP list is being narrowed down by the week, and according to a report from the Association Press, it looks like far-left failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton-esque Kamala Harris, and former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice are some of the last people left on the list.

The VP pick for the Biden campaign is more important than ever. Not only does Biden still struggle to gain the support he needs from the far-left Bernie supporters in the Democratic party, and not only is failing to win over young people as Obama did, but he would be the oldest president ever elected in November if he is successful. That means his VP pick could realistically become president during his administration.

Biden’s clear cognitive decline, characterized by his inability to finish sentences, follow scripts, or even remember where he is, compounds that concern.

To address these issues, Biden is looking for a female candidate that is younger and more attractive to the far-left audiences he couldn’t win over during the early primary contests. He may also be looking for a female woman of color, given the race riots taking place across the United States which were egged on by senior politicians from his own party.

The AP reports that Biden’s VP selection committee has entered the next round of vetting for a “dwindling” list of potential VP nominees. Several black women are strongly in contention, alongside whiter-than-white “Native American” Elizabeth Warren.

Democrats who are familiar with the process reportedly said that there are now as few as six people being vetted, though they refused to name the other contenders in the race. It is still possible, however, that other candidates may be asked by Biden’s team to submit documentation to go along with their extensive background checks.

Biden is facing more calls to choose a woman of color as his running mate. It will help him pick up black voters that he is struggling to sweep up as Clinton and Obama did in the last two races.

The report also suggests that Kamala Harris may be at the top of the list, as Biden and the former presidential candidate have struck up a close bond in recent months. Warren has also gotten closer to Biden, too, after his campaign team put the far-left Democrat in charge of some of his campaign’s policy teams.

Harris may be a woman of color, but her record on prosecutions could hinder her campaign. Warren is a woman, but no matter how hard she tries, will never be seen as a woman of color…because everyone knows she isn’t really Native American.