Biden’s Speech Represented One Final Warning

( President Biden delivered a speech last Wednesday from the empty Union Station in Washington where he once again warned voters that “democracy” was on the ballot in the Midterm elections and the only way to “save democracy” is to vote for Democrats.

The president cited the number of so-called “election deniers” running for office on November 8 and said voters have to know “what’s at stake.”

Despite the Democrat Party’s overreliance on a 3-hour riot on January 6, voters just don’t care about it anymore. Poll after poll has shown that “saving democracy” and the January 6 riot are not issues voters care about.

But this is precisely what Joe Biden’s closing message before the midterms was all about.

He spent his brief, somewhat somnambulant speech rehashing the Capitol riot and claiming that the “Big Lie” “fueled the dangerous rise of political violence and voter intimidation over the past two years.”

Unsurprisingly, Biden brought up Paul Pelosi being attacked by a drug-addicted hippie from Berkeley, citing it as proof of the supposed political violence by Republicans.

He claimed the hippie head case asked “Where’s Nancy,” which were “the very same words used by the mob when they stormed” the Capitol.

He warned that “American democracy is under attack” because Donald Trump refused to accept the 2020 election results, adding that this refusal is now “an article of faith in the MAGA Republican party.”

Biden then accused over 300 Republican candidates of being “election deniers” and told voters that they have to vote “knowing what’s at stake and not just the policy of the moment.”

In short, ignore the tanking economy, rising interest rates, 40-year high inflation, and skyrocketing consumer prices and focus instead on a 3-hour riot from nearly two years ago.

This was Joe Biden’s closing message.

But when you can’t campaign your record, the only options left are slander and fearmongering.