Biden’s New “Label” For The Republican Party Is Backfiring

( MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan called out President Joe Biden for his recent use of the phrase “Ultra MAGA” to criticize former President Donald Trump and his most ardent supporters. Hasan pointed out that Trump had embraced the term and that the Republican Party was now “selling merch” using it. Biden’s idea blew up in his face.

At the beginning of this month, Biden began using the phrase to criticize the stances taken by Republicans on subjects such as abortion. Jen Psaki, who served as the press secretary in the previous administration of the White House, was the one who first claimed (which was a flat-out lie) that the word originated with Vice President Joe Biden. Psaki stated that the president wanted to add “a little pop” to his comment, so he added “Ultra.”

According to reports by The Washington Post, “Ultra MAGA” was initially conceived during a six-month research study performed by Democratic strategists who utilized focus groups and pollsters to test alternative messaging in advance of the midterm elections in 2022.

During the episode of The Mehdi Hasan Show that aired on Sunday, Hasan referred to Biden’s usage of “Ultra MAGA” as being “bizarre.”

Hasan said, “When it comes to calling out Republicans, you’ve got these type of, I don’t know, cutesy labels being used by Democrats.”

Hasan, almost embarrassed, conceded that the word originated from “Democratic polling groups,” who had spent “months” working on it. Months in a think-tank and what emerges from these great Democrat strategists?

A term that the Republican Party immediately appropriates and they start selling it to fund elections.

Hasan is right. The slogan “ULTRA MAGA AND PROUD!” is printed on a T-shirt that is now being offered for sale on the official website of the Republican Party for the price of thirty dollars.

Hasan lamented that Donald Trump immediately embraced the idea of being known as Ultra MAGA. “I’m not even sure whether that type of phraseology works,” Hasan said.

He concluded by saying he doesn’t see why the left can’t just call the right what they are, which is authoritarian. He said others, like himself, would argue that they were also fascist in many respects. Why hide behind all of these words?

Maybe the left hides behind words because they “hide words” and “manipulate words”?

They ban people from Twitter for saying men can’t have babies. And to create the illusion that men can, they change the word “mother” to “birthing person.” And if you resist, there will be consequences.

Sounds kind of authoritarian and fascist.