Bidens Leave Out Hunter Biden’s Child From Christmas Stockings

( Jill Biden, the first lady, unveiled photos of the White House’s Christmas decorations on Monday. It appears that the White House dogs and cats are more important than President Joe Biden’s grandchild, born out of wedlock to his profoundly irresponsible son Hunter.

Jill Biden tweeted that the Bidens hope to capture the spirit embodied in the idea of America for this year’s holidays at the White House.

Nine stockings were all carefully hung by the chimney with care.

Reports show that Hunter and ex-wife Kathleen Buhle’s three daughters, Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy, were represented. Naomi’s new husband, Peter Neal, was included.  Two stockings were for Natalie and Hunter, the two children of the late Beau Biden and his widow Hallie.

Another stocking was labeled ‘Baby,’ an apparent reference to Hunter’s two-year-old son Beau and second wife, Melissa Cohen. The last two were designated for the first dog, Commander, and the first cat Willow.

What’s missing? Navy Jones Roberts. She’s the president’s 4-year-old granddaughter and Hunter Biden’s daughter.

Reports show Lunden Roberts, a dancer at one of Hunter’s favorite Washington strip joints, gave birth to Navy in 2018. Hunter vehemently denied paternity until a DNA test revealed that he was the biological father. Hunter Biden hasn’t accepted his role as Navy’s father. In his 2018 memoir “Beautiful Things,” he wrote about the circumstances of Navy’s conception, which occurred while he was in the grip of addiction.  Hunter said he had no recollection of their meeting. He was a mess, but it was a mess he claimed he accepted responsibility for.

How heartfelt.

The stockings issue is not an oversight. The Bidens had the same controversy last year. One could argue that a Christmas stocking is a minor detail, but it is a cruel statement when even the White House cat and dog get their own stockings, but a flesh and blood innocent little girl does not.